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Blue Cross Bio-Medical (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech foreign invested enterprise, formerly Beijing Blue Cross Biotech Co., Ltd. which was established in 1990. Now it has a new 4A class company building (8000m2)and 280 staffs engaged in R&D, manufacturing, distribution and advisory service. Since its establishment, the Company has made wide-ranged of domestic and overseas investment and set up four branches and tens of national offices. We passed the certification of CE, EN ISO13485:2000 and EN ISO 9001 in 2004.

Our vision is oriented to develop colloidal gold one-step tests and membrane medical tests, which mark the great difference from other manufacturers in its characteristic material selection, production technique and quality control and with which the company has been maintaining great advantage over its fine characteristics, reliable quality and low cost. Within these two years, Blue Cross have broaden its product ranges rapidly. Now Blue Cross is capable to produce high-quality fertility test, infectious diseases test, Tumor Marker test, Sexually transmitted diseases test and Drug test, almost 100 specifications available.

Blue Cross Company has well established an enormous marketing and sales network in China. Its agencies and sales people scatter around in nearly 30 provinces and municipals, in 2000 local district and counties and in 30000 towns, Besides, the Company still has 3000 direct users such as clinics, hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and customs, The export of the finished and half-finished products has already gained a reliable gateway to the overseas market in the form of OEM packing. By far, the company has already established reliable business relationships with about 50 countries.

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